Review Request

Hello and thanks for considering me to review your products.

What follows is general guidelines when it comes to what I review.

I DO NOT do any juices/e-liquid review, any that are sent on will get shown in a review or Vlog.

I do up to 3 reviews per week, and it may take up to 6 weeks or more for your item to be reviewed due to the current review queue.
Please DO NOT ask for your item to be reviewed as quick as possible or ask that your item is done before other items which I already have in the calendar, as I will ALWAYS refuse such a request. I am reviewing your product for usability, it will NOT be an advert.
Please mind that everything in my review is just my opinion and if I find something I think is wrong with it I will point it out. Reviews WILL NOT be edited if asked, I will do updates in Vlogs if you fix/modified the item.
I will release reviews in the order that they are received by myself,up to 2 items send from companies will get done before items I have purchased in any giving week.
Please do not email me asking when the review goes up the day the parcel arrives. I will email you with a date when the review will go live. I always test tanks, RDA’s and mods for about 2 weeks before they are reviewed.
When a review goes live I will  send an email to inform you that the review is live with a link.  My reviews are usually posted to my website, Youtube, twitter, facebook and forums. If you have your own Youtube, twitter, facebook ect, then I ask that you post the review I have done for you on them.

All customs charges must be paid in full by the sender before it is added to the calendar.

Please contact me by the email address below if you agree with all of the above and you are wanting me to review your products.